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A little bit About Me.… my name is Rhonda Leonard and I’m a mom, wife, entrepreneur, beauty enthusiast and owner of Glow Permanent Makeup. I’m a graduate of North Carolina State University and have worked in the marketing, communications and beauty industry over the years. I discovered the art of permanent makeup after having my own eyebrows filled in years ago. I’ve always had a passion for art, makeup and creating the perfect eyebrow. Shortly after experiencing the magic of permanent makeup on myself, I became a Certified Permanent Makeup Artist and continue to take advanced permanent makeup training. Glow Permanent Makeup opened it’s doors in January of 2017 and is fully insured and inspected. 


I love how makeup can enhance the outer beauty that we all have. Each of us have unique features that can be accentuated in a subtle way with permanent makeup. With the help of exceptional pigments and tools, I can enhance those features and make your mornings a little easier :-) At Glow I strive to give my clients a naturally beautiful look.

~ Rhonda Sabatino-Leonard ☮️

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