Microblading $500 (includes 2 sessions)

Microblading with Shading $600 (2 sessions)

Powder Brow $425 (2 sessions)

Eyebrow Refresh/Color Boost for Existing Clients: $250
*A Color Boost is one session, if you have faded more than 50% you will require more than one session.
*If you are not an existing client but need a Color Boost, a consultation will be required to determine how many sessions are needed.

Lash Line Enhancement Upper Eyes $300

Full Lip Color $600 includes dental block

Beauty Mark $95

Collagen Induction/Rejuvenation Therapy $250 per treatment (Packages are available and recommended for optimal results)

Color Correction Services require a Consultation first to determine pricing.

*Please call for pricing not listed here