Scalp Micro-Pigmentation/Scalp Microblading

Are you experiencing hair loss in the Hair Line, Crown or Part area? Glow Permanent Make-Up may have your solution :)

What is Scalp Micropigmentation and Scalp Microblading?

Pigment is applied to the Scalp either using a super fine needle or a micro blade to create/simulate the look of a hair follicle or hair stroke. Both of these techniques can be used very effectively to fill in sparse areas of hair such as the hair line or thinning part area. They create the illusion of thicker hair.

A little bit about SMP....

Most SMP will require at least 2-3 sessions to achieve your desired look. More sessions may be suggested to receive optimal results. All Permanent Makeup including Scalp Micropigmentation is really Semi-Permanent and requires maintenance. How long it lasts varies and is dependent on your lifestyle, health history and other factors. Typically you can expect it to last approx. 18 months before needing a refresh.

What to Expect after Treatment:

After your treatment you will feel some tenderness, redness, minor swelling is possible. These side effects should subside within the first week. Your color will initially get darker the first week and you'll have flaking and some scabbing. It's extremely important to not scratch or pick. You will take the pigment with you! After the first week your color will begin to lighten and by the end of your second week you will have your final color result.

After Care for SMP:

First 7 Days - Do not get wet! No shampooing/Washing of Scalp
- No exercise or doing any activity that causes excessive sweating. Light activities are fine.
After 7 Days - you may wash your hair with a gentle cleanser/all natural shampoo. NO Scrubbing.
- NO swimming, facials, exfoliation, excessive sweating/exposure to sun, tanning beds, sun bathing, or scalp abrasiveness (no scrubbing) for a Full 2 Weeks!!!
-Touch Up booked 6 weeks later.

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*All After photos are taken immediately after the procedure unless otherwise stated

Hair Line Microblading